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Meebo Ruined My Birthday


This post is heinously out of date but I'm keeping it around for historical purposes anyway

A few days ago I hear Meebo will finally be releasing an iPhone app on Tues Feb 16th. A red letter date in history, to nobody! So being giddy with anticipation, as existing iPhone IM apps are universally terrible, I download the app last night. First thing I try to do is add my main Google Talk account, rather a Google Apps account, to Meebo. Meebo no likey. It is sometime after midnight and I'm in bed, but I can see a bout of Googling is in my future. So I get up, retrieve my laptop and go to work. After 45 minutes the verdict is in, I'm S.O.L.

"Enjoy a dollop of dump on your cake!" - The Meebo Team

The apparent hangup? Meebo hasn't figured out how to properly support Google Apps like say, oh, EVERY OTHER IM APP. Now, Meebo maintains a wiki where they enthusiastically state you can "absolutely!" use your Google Apps account...if you can modify obscure DNS SRV records with your hosting company. That is an Oprah sized qualifier there. Many massive domain hosting companies, such as 1and1 and Yahoo, do not let you modify SRV records. I ran across a this small list of hosts that do/don't allow SRV modding. Not that it should even be necessary, as I mentioned EVERY OTHER IM APP supports Google Apps!

Well what does Meebo say about proper Apps support? Er, well nothing. This post from 2 1/2 years does not give me warm feelings that they will modernize their systems anytime soon. Additionally they shutdown registrations on their forum so I couldn't ask about progress. I decided to ask 1and1, my domain host, if SRV updating was possible, but they replied it was only available for dedicated server accounts and had no plans to add it for the plebs.

So here I am taking it coming from Meebo and going from 1and1, still shackled desktop chat. Ironically, Pidgin is the only thing that didn't shit on me!

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