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My Hand Was Forced


This post is heinously out of date but I'm keeping it around for historical purposes anyway

Do I love or hate computers for bringing me to this? The question is probably irrelevant as I and they are forever inextricably entwined. Of course, I will never make peace with that fact. And on this terrible foundation why would I create a blog, a medium so thoroughly disrespected it doesn't even make a good punchline anymore? Because I'm out of touch! I just made a goddamn blog for Christ sake, try to keep up. However, in addition to being out of touch I also spend a lot of time figuring out computer shit. Are the two correlated? Would an autopsy reveal that?

Now this aforementioned "computer shit." How do we "computer people" fix "computer shit?" Google. We generally don't have a solution to a problem, but we can spend a little/lot/ridiculous/what-does-my-life-mean amount of the day Googling for one! Then, after some painful reflecting time, I need a dumpster in which to place what I have learned about said problem. Hello dumpster!

So in the name of meager goals, the hope is some of the crap I splatter across these walls will be indexed by the great search engines of the world. Then perhaps it will save people of my ilk a few minutes while doing their own Googling (painful reflecting) and somehow, someone gets a Ferrari.

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